Riding @ Dove Springs
August 23, 2008


As an end of summer outing we decided to rent a couple of Yamaha Rhinos.  My sister Lindsey and cousin Aron joined us and we left our house at 5:00 a.m. ~ yawn.  We drove up to Dove Springs - about 30 minutes north of Mojave.  Temperature got up to at least 102 degrees but with the cool breeze, iced tea and canopy it wasn't bad.

We had a blast riding around!  Aron was so helpful since he has been riding there many times.  He led us around and showed us the ropes.  Both D.J. and Nick-o did great driving for the first time.  Lindsey was riding Aron's dirt bike in no time.  She did so well she even had to get a little bloody!

We didn't get too many pictures because it was hard to drive and snap at the same time!  Also we have a few bouncy uncut videos posted.

Lindsey getting ready. D.J. wants to know what the hold up is!
"Ok so if I push this button....." "Yep, got it, let's go."
Nick-o learning how to drive it. I sure hope he can see out of his goggles!
Yes, they are out there.
Maybe these things should be painted bright orange?
Zipping by us.
Nick-o ready to go again. Lindsey learning the basics from Aron.
Charge! Here they come.
D.J. learning the art of braking. There goes Lindsey.
Lindsey crashed so well she even ripped her shirt. "Look mom real blood!"
Sisters doing their thing!! The sisters are cruising.
What a great view! Our camp has the white canopy.
"You really should look forward when driving here." "Look where?"
This dog just showed up at our camp in the morning.  He was timid but not mean.  As the day wore on he laid under the truck for shade.  We gave him water throughout the day and a meal.  He is very thin and it appears he has many ticks.  We named him Tock.  We were not able to bring him to the shelter, with no rope, collar or leash available.  I will be calling the local shelter as soon as they open on Monday morning.
 Lindsey takes the bike down!
D.J. driving.
Aron zooming up the steep hill.
Aron zooms down the hill and back up again with a small jump as punctuation.
A little too much yee haw!
Aron & Nick ~ The Rhino stalls on the hill climb.
Lindsey & Aron ~ The Rhino coming down the hill.
Aron & Lindsey ~ There they go again!